Inspiring creativity & diversity

Hand-poured Beeswax crayons

Create meaningful friendships - everywhere.

Toys & Products that Inspire Solidarity.

Inspiring diverse friendships and nourishing solidarity, through play, imagination & creativity.

We are The Friendship Shop.

Our brand is rooted in diversity, acceptance & kindness.

We are committed to offering children sustainable & collaborative toys & products - and inspiring humans to care for each other. 

More About Us

We connected with
anthropologists, psychologists, and teachers

to discover the foundations needed to develop solidarity between humans.

Our products are curated around building empathy, kindness and acceptance for all people.

The Play Shop

Our Friendship Toys™ are sold in pairs, so children can create new diverse friendships within their community as they go about their day.

The Art Shop

Hand-poured beeswax crayons made with sustainable beeswax, plant waxes and earth pigments. We value diverse friendships, even the ones drawn on paper. :)


Our beautiful space on this internet reminds children that they deserve friendship simply because they are human.

The crayons that started it all.

In 2020 we created beeswax crayons that landed on Oprah's desk and become one of her Favorite Things in 2021.

Our creative diversity work has been published in 40+ magazine and press releases.

The change.

We have the power nuture children's natural ability to care for each other - so they can grow into adults that care for each other.

This is how we can change the future of our world.

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